Offered in two weekly sessions enabling the 'rhythm' of a complete and conscious breath cycle to be ingrained into the consciousness. Deep internal shifts often take place in an individual in this class.

$40 includes CD-ROM for continual practice
* ReikiTECH Grads receive a 10% discount
This workshop is taught and developed by Cyrus Mehta. Cyrus has trained thousands of people from over 55 countries and all walks of life. This is a weekend that you don't want to miss. Very limited spaces are available.

Coffee/tea and water provided.
Lunch is not included.
The Advanced ReikiTECH Workshop

The Advanced Workshop takes one to a state of being where instead of struggling to achieve things in life, one gets to a level where now things just start happening in life. One Becomes truly adept at bringing forth deep personal harmony at all times and radiating from a new space and dimension.
Graduates are invited for a review and will have the opportunity to ask Cyrus questions as well as share their experiences. Reiki sharing in a group or circle will be offered.

True wellness begins at the energetic level. Traditional healers have known this for thousands of years and modern medicine is now beginning to recognize that our symptoms and health issues begin a imbalances in our energy field. Learn what you can do to enhance the health of your subtle body.

Get effective control over anxiety, depression and trauma. Learn the awesome power of TFT (Thought Field Therapy). Also an introduction into Bach Flower Remedies.


Take charge of your life! Learn about the power of our thoughts and how to harness and direct it to manifest what you need in your life. So whether you want to eliminate stress or bring in abundance in your life, this IS the class where you learn to manifest intentions.

$20 includes CD-ROM for continual practice
*ReikiTECH Grads receive a 10% discount