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Computerized Health Testing

The Computerized Health Testing is a painless and non-invasive procedure that is based on the energetic function of the meridian system. The meridians are energetic pathways, which pass through tissues and organs. Research has proven that bio-electrical energy flows through each meridian to associated organs and systems adjusting and harmonizing their activity.

By assessing the flow of energy using this technology we are able to recognize and address imbalances before they manifest themselves into a disease state. Because of our changing environment our bodies are constantly being taxed by an overload of toxins such as:

  • › Chemicals
  • › Pollutants
  • › Pesticides
  • › Stressful lifestyles
  • › Bacteria
  • › Heavy metals
  • › Viral patterns
  • › Dental toxicities
  • › Disease and more


All dis-ease begins with an interruption in the flow of energy and always has an underlying emotional cause. Barbara and Cyrus are delighted to combine the testing with an hour session with Cyrus to ensure that all levels of healing are addressed.

This 360 approach is specifically tailor-made to offer you the best and most effective holistic approaches available.


Cost of Computerized Health Testing


These toxins make it more and more challenging for a person to maintain optimal health.

Some of the benefits to this type of assessment, using the Bio Meridian EAV machine include:

  • › Restoring balance
  • › Improving digestion and elimination
  • › Identifying and addressing allergies/sensitivities
  • › Strengthening the immune system